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This hedgehog house imitates a natural nest and is an ideal home. Put the house on dry ground, in a quiet, sheltered spot in the garden. Put some dry leaves in the house. Cover the house with a thick layer of leaves, then plastic sheet and then more leaves, twigs and other natural materials. Leave the opening clear and facing South or South West. It is important that the construction is sturdy enough to prevent dogs and badgers disrupting it.

Collection:Best for Birds

  • Article nameHedgehog house
  • Article numberWA53
  • Productgroup(s)Birds&Wildlife, Garden Animals, Hedgehogs
  • Product dimensions in cmL 60.8 x D 29.5 x H 19.9
  • MaterialPinewood, bitumen
  • Gross weight3,083 kg
  • Net weight2,892 kg

Egelhuis met Tunnel

€ 34,99Prijs
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