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This wigwam-shaped insect hotel offers solitary bees, ladybirds and earwigs somewhere to nest and hibernate. This insect hotel ensures more biodiversity in the garden. Insects have many important tasks in our garden. They pollinate plants and act as natural pest controllers

  • place to nest and hibernate
  • keyhole in the back

Collection:Best for Birds

  • Article nameInsect hotel wigwam
  • Article numberWA94
  • Productgroup(s)Birds&Wildlife, Garden Animals, Insects
  • Product dimensions in cmL 18.3 x D 16.5 x H 27.2
  • MaterialPinewood, bamboo, wood wool, pine cone, gauze
  • Gross weight1,469 kg
  • Net weight1,412 kg

Insectenhuis Driehoek

€ 13,95Prijs
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